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Julia programming language

by emre on March 5, 2014, no comments

Recently, I came across an interesting programming language called Julia. It is a dynamically typed high level language that aims to be “the” language for technical computing. What I have seen so far is quite interesting, such as:

  • The ability to specify types: It seems that it is possible to use Julia as a statically typed language. I love static type-checking and I find it extremely useful for discovering problems at compile time. It is great that Julia supports both approaches.
  • Functions are first-class citizens, which means that you can pass around functions as parameters and values. This provides great opportunities for abstracting and generalizing structures in a program. I feel quite limited when a language does not have this functionality.
  • Easy way of using matrices like in GNU Octave.
  • Performance that is comparable to C levels.
  • Easy parallelism.

I recommend you to try it – it might become a replacement for your Python & C or Matlab stack in the future.

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